You provide a wide range of services not normally provided by a single source broker, why is this?

We are actually a full services fleet management company. Our service reach extends way beyond the provision of lease broking. Our customers use logical in different ways to suit their own particular requirements. This might be for procurement and funding of vehicles, or full management of in-life services, or end of contract services, or all of these areas. We also carry out a lot of independent fleet consultancy work for clients, delivering the optimal solution for fleet in areas such as procurement, administration efficiency and optimisation of strategy.

Who are your vehicle suppliers?

We use over 40 main dealer groups throughout the UK. We don’t use any dealer that isn’t a recognised franchise dealer and all are selected against stringent standards, and closely monitored over time.

Is logical recognised by any authorities? Are you a member of any trade organisations?

Yes we are. For full details please click here.

What other fees may apply?

Excess mileage and damage charges may apply. Excess mileage charges may be applied when a vehicle is driven over the amount stipulated in the lease contract.

Damage recharge costs to a vehicle may apply when a vehicle is returned at the end of contract. If upon inspection damage to the vehicle is deemed to be over and above what is considered to be fair wear and tear, charges may be applied. A vehicle will be assessed in accordance with the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Associations (BVRLA) guidelines. Please contact Logical for a copy of the BVRLA guidelines.

Do vehicles come with a warranty?

All new vehicles are supplied by the authorised UK dealer network and are therefore covered by full manufacturers’ warranty. Manufacturer warranty terms and conditions vary and can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

How is maintenance handled?

If you choose to select the maintenance rental option within your lease arrangement, all your servicing needs and maintenance is taken care of by the lease company. These are generally the nearest franchise dealer to your home or business. In addition, for mechanical defects not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, these are generally covered by the owner during the contract period.

Servicing options can be fixed budget, 'pay as you go' (PAYG) or hybrid. For all customers (businesses and personal), the fixed budget option means all the risks and expenditure rest with the lease company or fleet management company providing it. You pay a fixed monthly fee for this service. This option is also especially suited to businesses who do not lease, or personal customers who want to take advantage of our fleet discounts and avoid the risk of handling vehicle maintenance themselves.

PAYG and hybrid products are provided on a cost re-charge basis and are not available to our personal customers. The costs we incur to service your business vehicle(s) are re-charged back to your business. We charge a small fee for managing this process. The hybrid option is also PAYG, but has a budget structure to smooth cash flow. Future costs are deducted from the budget set at the start of the agreement. At the end of a reconciliation period - normally annually - any overspend or underspend is then either charged or rebated to you.

Do you offer roadside assistance?

AA or RAC or the manufacturer's own emergency assistance cover, dependent on the funder and/or vehicle. This is provided by the vehicle manufacturer under the terms of their warranty or within a lease if the service is selected.

How about delivery and collection, is this included?

Delivery and collection to and from anywhere in the UK is included at no extra cost to you.

At the end of my contract, what happens to a vehicle on a lease?

At the end of the term, the contract hire company will get in touch with you direct. They will arrange to collect your car from your chosen location at a convenient time to you. logical will also be on hand to support you during this process and to discuss renewal options in advance of the return date

How long can I lease the vehicle for?

It is your choice. The most popular period is 3 years. However, a number of our customers have chosen contracts between two or four years. We can provide vehicles for any period from a day, a week, or month, using our flexilease leasing product. This service is especially useful to cover you for unplanned or short term motoring requirements. 

I wish to complain about the service I've received. How can I do that?

logical prides itself on excellent customer service and we have constantly achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. We also recognise that occasionally things do go wrong. The important thing is how they are put right. To make a complaint, please click here to contact us.

There is a lot of jargon used in vehicle leasing, can you help me understand some of the key words and phrases?

We agree. logical likes to keep things simple. So to help we have compiled a 'jargon buster' document and we'll take you straight to our document library


What are the current BIK/Tax rules for car and/or van emissions?

In an effort to be helpful you might wish to read through details about the current tax rules. The logical team can help guide you through this subject if required and we can help calculate the tax you will pay so that you can make the best financial decisions for your next vehicle. As always, please make sure you consult a professional advisor to make appropriate tax decisions. Logical are not tax advisors. Please visit the document library for the latest fact sheet. 

I note that you have calculated a fuel price against each vehicle quote provided. How is this arrived at?

The fuel cost is an estimate of fuel use over a 12 month period. This uses an average pump price and is updated monthly. The vehicle quote that the estimate of fuel cost relates shows an EC Combined consumption provided by the motor manufacturer. The calculation is therefore the quote mileage (normally 10000 miles per annum) divided by the combined fuel consumption rate x the average pump price. For example, if the national average fuel cost is £6.27 per gallon and the fuel consumption is, say, 50mpg. The cost will be 10000 (miles in a year shown on quote) divided by 50 (miles per gallon) = 200 gallons multiplied by £6.27 (average fuel cost at pump) = £1254. Obviously, fuel prices, consumption figures and mileages shown vary from time to time.