Use of mobile phones whilst driving 

As of 3rd March 2017, the fine for using your phone at the wheel has doubled to £200 and 6 points on your licence. If there is an urgent need for you to use your phone, you should find a suitable place where it is safe to legally pull over, with the handbrake on. You should ensure when you have pulled over, your engine is off, so this notifies other drivers you are not still driving and it is also more environmentally friendly.

The law extends to hands free devices also – if you are seen to not be in control of your vehicle whilst using hands free, you can also be prosecuted.


  • If you are given 6 points within 2 years from passing your test, you will lose your licence
  • Taken to court if the offence is seen as very severe
  • Fines in court are larger and disqualification is possible – the maximum fine in a court is £1,000, or £2,500 you were driving a bus or a goods vehicle.