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Get to know Nigel, our new Commercial Director
21st June, 2017

Nigel Kerr joined the logical team in May as our new Commercial Director. Although Nigel’s new role is operational, he is still very much customer focussed, therefore we thought it would be good to introduce Nigel, his background and what a day in the life is like at logical.

What is your role at logical?

My new duties will consist of leading the growth of logical as a business moving forward. I will drive the sales and marketing effort, manage the operational interfaces, deliver excellence to logical customers and support the development of our people.

How did you come to take the role at logical?

A happy coincidence. Whilst I was looking for a new challenge in the fleet industry I caught up with logical’s Managing Director, Saul Parsonson, whom I previously worked for and have known for many years. Saul told me that he was looking for someone to support him leading and growing the business going forward. We then had a number of meetings to discuss Saul’s vision for the future, my thoughts and how we would work together.

How would you describe yourself as an individual?

I am determined, a team player, resilient, focused, enthusiastic, and someone that enjoys coaching and developing my team.

What have been your biggest challenge of the job so far?

The transition from previously working for large corporate employers to a smaller business has been an interesting transition. There is no hiding place in a smaller business and everyone has to take responsibility, be flexible and pull together in the same direction. But, what I do really like about smaller businesses is being able to make decisions, implement them and see the customer outcome much quicker than I was previously used to.

What is a typical day in the life at logical?

logical is all about serving our customers in the best possible way. We constantly challenge ourselves about how we can help our customers manage their fleets in the most optimal way. My typical day is spent with this in mind and can involve many different activities including supporting the team to analyse customer requirements, reviewing our supply partners, exploring new business opportunities, so forth.

 Sum up your job in three words

Leading business growth.

Welcome to the team, Nigel!