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logical FEVRE strategy
9th October, 2017

Guidance on future thinking for greener fleets:

logical is conducting an extremely important piece of work to develop its operating model and strategies to prepare the ground for the management of the low emission vehicles of the future. This will include some entirely new concepts that we wish to share with our business contacts to help shape future thinking. We intend to lead the debate with customers and to invite your input to help shape our strategy.

The fleet of tomorrow will undoubtedly be centred around modern electric technologies and this future is rapidly evolving at a much quicker rate than many organisations are ready to believe.

Having initiated the FEVRE programme, in the first quarter of 2017, logical will soon be hosting customer focus groups to ensure the transition to greener fleets is well informed, viable and stress-free for logical customers.

Naturally, movement to a greener fleet raises a series questions on a range of topics. To ensure your concerns, views and queries are properly addressed, logical are working with their clients and inviting their thoughts for the way forward.

logical already lead the way in delivering emission reducing vehicle policy strategies. However, the future is likely to accelerate at a rapid pace in areas currently not fully understood or considered and our aim is to remove some of the fog that might exist across these key areas. For example, future fleet strategy will not only relate solely to providing a vehicle for mobility purposes. To cite but one key area, the future will seek to use battery technologies to export energy back into the grid and we have discussed this topic in a white paper.

Click here to download the current whitepaper thinking from logical Managing Director, Saul Parsonson.