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OLEV awards £8.8m to consortium to expand UK hydrogen refuelling network
29th March, 2018

A consortium including ITM Power, Shell, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai has won £8.8 million in funding from the Department for Transport to expand the UK network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

The project will see nearly 200 new hydrogen-powered vehicles - including police cars and taxis - on the roads, four new hydrogen refuelling stations built and five existing stations upgraded. The £8.8 million grant will be matched by a further £13.1m investment including support from the companies and other sources.

Roads Minister Jesse Norman said: “Decarbonising our roads is an essential part of meeting our climate targets. The innovative new technologies involved present great opportunities for our increasingly low carbon economy.

“Hydrogen has huge potential, especially for those making longer journeys and clocking up high mileage.

"That is what makes this project truly exciting. Not only is it demonstrating the technology in action, but it is also developing the refuelling infrastructure needed for the future.”

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, added: “This project will deliver the largest expansion of the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure ever undertaken in the UK and is a very significant step forward for the UK hydrogen industry.

"The project will fund ITM Power to build four new hydrogen refuelling stations and upgrade five further stations.

"Our partnership with Shell, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai constitutes a highly coordinated roll out of hydrogen vehicles and refuelling infrastructure.”

The new refuelling stations will be built in Southwark, Isleworth, Birmingham and Derby.

Source: Fleet News