Latest HGV fair wear & tear guide unveiled at CV show
18th May, 2016

The BVRLA has presented the latest version of the Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Drivers and Operators of Contract Hire, Rented and Leased Vehicles over 3.5 Tonnes to an audience of members and operators at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

The standard, which is commonly known as the HGV Fair Wear and Tear guide provides HGV operators with an even clearer and more transparent understanding of what constitutes acceptable wear and tear when returning a leased vehicle. BVRLA members make the guides readily available to their customers, either as a booklet or an eBook.

Commenting on the new guide, BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett said: “The revisions to the HGV Fair Wear and Tear guide will ensure that vehicle leasing remains an attractive option for business customers. Fleets and individuals should not be deterred from hiring trucks through fear of end-of-contract charges, and this guide assures HGV operators of professional service from BVRLA members.”

The latest guide now explicitly highlights how leasing companies will give HGV operators information at the start of the lease or contract to help them satisfy the return standards required. Such transparency is at the heart of the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct, and it is important for the BVRLA member to clearly communicate with operators.

Leggett added: “Fair wear and tear occurs through normal operation of a vehicle. BVRLA members accept that commercial vehicles are working vehicles and a certain amount of deterioration is acceptable through normal usage over time. The guide makes it clearer than ever that customers will not be charged for fair wear and tear, and is backed up by our mandatory Code of Conduct and Conciliation Service.”

Customers and operators wishing to know more about the end-of-contract process can visit the BVRLA's advice page on Returning A Leased Vehicle.

Reproduced with kind permission of the BVRLA.