New FORS standard is 'greenest' to date
5th October, 2016

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) has updated its FORS standard with a focus on environment credentials.

This latest update, FORS Standard 4.0, comes into effect from November 10 and is clearer, easier to understand and contains more specific guidance on how FORS applies not only to trucks, but also to vans and to PSVs, according to the organisation.

“This is our greenest ever FORS Standard,” said John Hix (pictured), concession director at FORS. “NOX and particulate matter, noise, alternative drives, tyre and fuel management all come under the spotlight in this update.

“And we’re responding to best practice development within the industry. For example, FORS Standard 4.0 introduces at Bronze [level] licence checking using a risk based verification system that directly accesses the DVLA database. Above all, it’s a streamlined document, making it more user-friendly and even more engaging.”

The standard has been developed and approved by the FORS Governance & Standards Advisory Group (GSAG) – a collective of leading operators and industry bodies from across the transport sector – and covers all the latest regulatory updates, additions and amendments.

Training courses and eLearning modules are available free of charge to members to provide help and support on all aspects of FORS membership.

The FORS Standard is reviewed and updated on a two-yearly cycle, and covers pathways to FORS Bronze, FORS Silver and FORS Gold accreditation. Logical manage a number of customer fleets that are required to work towards the FORS standard and would be happy to provide a free of charge consultation upon request to any new client. The service is a standard offering within our fleetman200 service capability.

Source: Fleet News