Road Safety Week 21-27 November 2016
22nd November, 2016

Brake is launching its Road Safety Week campaign with a pledge programme, focusing on 'six simple steps'.

The six points are - Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.

Brake is asking everyone to show their commitment to saving lives and road safety by making and sharing Brake's Pledge online. Non drivers can also take the pledge to make sure the driver of any car they are a passenger in sticks to the six pledge points.

Brake believes that good road safety is made up of these core strands, and a safe driver will adopt each one as part of his or her daily driving routine. The consequences of not driving safely can be catastrophic.

Road safety is more than one part of what a driver does on the road; it is every action that can change the outcome of a journey and the future of individuals, communities and our planet.

The Road Safety Week 2015 Evaluation Report found that Road Safety Week reached more people than ever before, thanks to traditional media coverage throughout the Week and an improved social media presence overall.

Gary Rae, director of communications and campaigns for Brake, said: “We’ve designed this year’s theme to be action orientated. Anyone can make and share the Pledge – individuals, businesses and community organisations. It’s practical, and if every driver vowed to, slow down, never drink or take drugs when driving or use their mobiles, always wear a seat belt and make sure children ae safely restrained, get their eyesight regularly tested, and minimise the amount they drive, then our roads would be safer places for everyone.”