Telematics has important part to play in ‘smart’ mobility
15th August, 2016

The future of ‘smart’ mobility is set to shake-up traditional fleet management with potentially a merging of disciplines and a mix of options: perhaps short term and long term leased vehicles, daily rental vehicles, electric, hybrid and petrol or diesel vehicles and car-sharing options, with the concept of tickets for public transport and easy access to real-time support and travel planning information.

Partnered with the trend for employees to work longer and/or more flexible hours, often across multiple locations, it seems conceivable fleet managers may find such a holistic approach to mobility is the best way to keep step with employee needs and wants, as well as meeting legislative requirements and maintaining tight controls on cost.

Rhys Harrhy, telematics product manager at ALD Automotive, will explore the role telematics will play in a holistic ‘business mobility’ solution, the alternative approach to a standard company car policy.

He will discuss fleets already using in-vehicle telematics and how they have been saving money and improving efficiency over the years.

Importantly, Harrhy will also focus on how they are also building a deep understanding of behaviour and journey requirements. That’s crucial because without it, how else will tomorrow’s fleet managers make smarter decisions about the most sustainable vehicle or mobility solutions for their business?

Harrhy has worked in the vehicle leasing industry for more than two decades, joining ALD Automotive in 2000. For the past 14 years he has specialised in the emerging growth sector of telematics.

He is responsible for the ongoing development and support of ALD’s ProFleet2 telematics product which was first launched in 2004 and is now installed in more than 45,000 vehicles.

Source: FleetNews