What is AdBlue and why is it important?
28th March, 2017

If you’ve recently acquired a new diesel vehicle for your business you may have noticed an additional blue or black cap next to the main fuel cap for AdBlue, an additive designed to reduce your emissions.

The separate tank enables the additive to be injected directly into the vehicle’s exhaust system. Through a chemical reaction, AdBlue enables much of the polluting nitrogen oxide elements of the exhaust gas to be removed, instead converting them into water, reducing emissions and helping your vehicles become greener and more eco-friendly.

Your vehicle won’t need refilling with AdBlue as often as it does with fuel, but it is important to not let your AdBlue run out as your vehicle won’t run without it. So keep an eye out for the warning light on your dashboard.

If your company provides you with an Allstar One fuel card, you can pay for AdBlue using the card that has been set up to purchase all fuels and oils or diesel. Simply fill up at the pump (or grab a pack from the site shop) and pay using your Allstar card as normal.