Fleet Management

Is handling your business’ vehicle fleet a headache?

The logical team will help to cut your operating costs, reduce associated risks and alleviate some of the strain with tailored, professional and intelligent support.

Fleet Management that makes sense

For too long, the provision of fleet management services has been considered to be beyond the reach of businesses, especially smaller organisations. This is no longer the case. Utilising our advanced IT system and other class leading tools, supported by a lean and highly efficient team, our delivery model is now within reach of all businesses. 

One of our three core products will offer the most effective support for your business size:


For smaller businesses, with minimal dedicated support or expertise, this is the ideal choice. This service suite provides all the support you will ever need:

  • For fleets of 5-50 Vehicles
  • Access to logical tools
  • On-going continuous improvement support
  • Low management fee
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Optimal e-bid procurement capabilities


For larger businesses, with a fleet in excess of 50 vehicles:

  • For fleets of 50+ Vehicles
  • On-going continuous improvement support
  • High level system management information
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Access to logical tools and no cost consultancy
  • An extension to your own team or outsourced


Our most extensive package covers every conceivable element of fleet use:

  • Fully outsourced package or exisiting team support
  • High level system management information
  • On-going continuous improvement support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Access to advanced logical tools
  • General commitment to cost reduction and process improvement

Our unique online Fleet Management system is the best in it's class, it's called logical™SIMS

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