Grey Fleet Management

All-Inclusive Grey Fleet Services at a surprisingly affordable price.

Duty of care obligations on business are no different whether a vehicle is an owned or hired vehicle or company car. logical provides a one-stop shop for all your grey fleet management needs.

Protecting your business

Business Managers and Administrators face a large number of complicated issues when it comes to managing fleet safety. For larger companies, in certain areas, there are added obligations such as complying with legislation such as ESOS and operating standards such as FORS. Most businesses understand the importance of managing the following components; Driving licence checks, Insurance for business use checks, MOT certification and Road Tax validity.

In addition to this, businesses will also need to consider the condition of the vehicle for work purposes. Has the vehicle been properly maintained, are routine checks carried out and is the vehicle generally fit for purpose.

These time consuming management challenges are exacerbated when a business needs to comply with legislation such as ESOS and operational standards such as FORS. Attempting to track fuel usage and CO2 output for a main fleet is difficult enough for a dedicated fleet manager, but doing the same for even the smallest of grey fleets can waste significant time and therefore cost businesses more than it should.

Introducing logical™greyfleetcare, a service and solution that protects your business.

What does logicalgreyfleetcare include?

A variety of packages that are bespoke to the customer. Choose from:

  • Fully integrated risk management
  • logical™driverhub
  • Driver help and support
  • Expenses management
  • Driver tracking
  • Bespoke branded fleet website
  • Driver benefit services and support
  • Grey fleet policy creation and review

Starting at the low cost of only £2.99 per vehicle a month, with add-ons based on individual choice and fit, this logical service provides a market leading capability for all your fleet needs. Discounts for larger users.

We have designed a unique system to effectively manage Grey Fleet risk. We call it logical™riskhub

What is Grey Fleet?

Grey Fleet is the term commonly used to describe any vehicles that are used for business travel and are not a company car. This might include an employee using their own vehicle on business, a hire car or pool car. The ownership type is irrelevant; it is the use that needs to be properly managed. When driving on company business, the responsibility for the employee's health and safety remains with the employer in respect of their duty of care obligations.