Risk & CSR

Keeping driver's safe, minimising your corporate risk and reducing your carbon footprint.

We help to develop policies that seek to reduce your carbon footprint, comply with legislation, support your duty of care obligations and keep your drivers safe.

The complete CSR service for business fleets

A thorough approach to CSR for business fleets is much more involved and should support a cohesive strategy of reducing harmful emissions, that have a negative environmental impact, whilst at the same time applying critical focus to risk management and policies that provide a robust safeguard in respect of duty of care to employees.

We call this service logical™riskhub and further information is shared within Tools.

Consultancy and tools

Using the tools at our disposal, we work with our clients to develop an effective fleet policy:

  • Comprehensive Whole Life Cost calculator tools, providing unique search and select functionality
  • Carbon footprint analysis and measures for reduction
  • Business risk and driver manager tools, using smartphone technology at low cost, to identify risk patterns
  • Risk algorithms that are designed to map against identified risk patterns to ensure duty of care responsibilities are fully supported

We have an industry leading tool to help keep your business safe and compliant, we call it logical™riskhub

Acting on the information

Whilst the importance of monitoring risk and environmental impact is crucial, the actions that business takes once input is gathered is vital. We have integrated solutions that deliver a service to minimise risk and optimise performance across the areas identified.