Terms of Business

About Logical Vehicle Management

Logical provides broker services to customers and work with our finance partners in order to find a suitable vehicle lease agreement for our customers. Logical is a trading style of Logical Vehicle Management Limited and is both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Logical Vehicle Management is a credit broker and not a lender.

You can find more about what we do on our website: www.logicalvm.co.uk

The products we provide

As an FCA regulated credit broker, we are able to introduce you to a range of lenders who can help you finance your vehicle and provide any other products or services that you may require. This includes servicing packages and vehicle maintenance. We work with some of the UK’s most prominent and trusted finance providers in order to help secure you the best and most appropriate deal.

Our Services

We will provide you with either comparable deals of any firms most appropriate to your lending or purchasing needs or any other general information relating to finance products. In order to do this, we may seek personal information about your circumstances and objectives as might be relevant in order to enable us to identify your exact needs and establish a line of credit. It is extremely important that you provide us with accurate and relevant information so that we can try to find a product or agreement that is most suitable to you.

What are the costs for our services?

We may receive a commission or payment from a third party. Commission can often vary and represents any costs incurred by Logical Vehicle Management for processing the lease agreement. We may also receive payment from finance providers or lenders if you decide to enter into any agreement with us. These fees can be pre-set and often vary dependant on the product and the volume that is placed with a particular supplier. Please see our Information Notice regarding fees:


Who regulates us?

Logical is a trading style of Logical Vehicle Management Limited and is regulated by the FCA. You can verify this by checking the FCA Register on the website http://www.fca.org.uk/register or contacting them on 0300 500 8082. Our firm reference number is 672417

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with any of the services we have provided for any reason then you can find our complaints procedure on the company website by clicking here: http://www.logicalvm.co.uk/complaints-procedure

Order Terms & Conditions

We want to keep things simple. We are committed to providing an excellent service to you, so it is important to ensure we make you aware of some important terms and conditions of acceptance. Here are just a few things you should bear in mind when ordering your vehicle choice from us:

  • Logical (Logical Vehicle Management Limited) will send you an official quotation detailing the precise nature of the vehicle and rental. It is important you check this carefully and satisfy yourself that the quote details the exact specification of the car you would like us to order at the appropriate price and appropriate profile. We cannot accept any responsibility for any errors that occur after the vehicle has been ordered with a dealer. Our quotation is not confirmation of acceptance by the finance company.
  • Please ensure you have read the guidelines regarding Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). DPF filters for all diesel vehicles require certain driving conditions to be fulfilled to avoid damage to the filter. If these are not followed, the owner of the vehicle may not be responsible for the costs of repair. Therefore, it is important you understand the correct operation of the vehicle as detailed in the manufacturer handbook. For further guidance, general details can be found by clicking this link: http://www.logicalvm.co.uk/images/documents/files/logical-Fact-Sheet-115-DPF-Filters.pdf. In signing your order, you confirm that you have read and accept the potential risk of damage to the DPF if the manufacturer guidelines set out for the vehicle you ordered, are not followed by the driver.
  • Logical will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for optional extras that are not fitted to the vehicle if they are not specified on the order. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the standard and optional specifications are fully understood and details can be found on the manufacturer’s website or the manufacturer’s vehicle brochure. It is the customer’s obligation to specify the precise vehicle specification requirement. You must satisfy yourself that the order specification above fully meets your requirements.
  • We wish to inform you that early termination (ET) costs can be expensive. The ET policy will be outlined in the contract you sign with the finance company. Details can also be provided prior to you placing your order upon request. You must return the vehicle in a well maintained condition as set out in the contract. Any damage over and above that stated in the contract or Fair Wear and Tear Guide, may be subject to additional charges.
  • Any indications given to you regarding likely delivery date are indicative only. We do not have any influence over the manufacturer production cycle and whilst we will apply our best endeavours to advise you of a likely delivery date, this is not contractual and we will have no liability whatsoever for this delivery date proving to be inaccurate. The preferred delivery date you state on this order is also governed by the same conditions.
  • We strongly recommend that your new vehicle order is placed in good time. If your order is for a new vehicle to replace an existing vehicle either with one of our existing funders or with a funder not used by Logical, we are unable to make any undertakings to meet a delivery date that matches the return vehicle date. Logical will not be held liable for any delays in delivery beyond its control.
  • In the event that manufacturer delays cause a delay to the indicative delivery date, leading to a gap between your existing vehicle return and new vehicle delivery, Logical will not be responsible for any costs incurred. Amongst other things, this might include costs you incur in ensuring a valid MOT certificate is provided and / or for a temporary vehicle to be provided.
  • Should you cancel your order, for any reason, after we have placed your order with the vehicle supplier, a cancellation charge will be payable. This charge varies across our partners and, upon request, we can advise you of the amount payable, prior to you agreeing to order the vehicle from us. We only collect your deposit for the vehicle when the credit has been agreed by the Finance Company. Occasionally, we do not take a deposit, however, this does not mean that we waive our right to charge a cancellation fee, should the need arise.
  • All vehicle images on the website are for illustration purposes only and are intended as a guide only. It is important that you satisfy yourself that the quote you have requested is for the specification you have chosen.

All details shown on our website are subject to our terms of business. This is available to read below or by clicking 'Terms of Business’ at the foot of our website.

  • The dynamic nature of our business and the way we constantly look to improve our site and buying terms, means that, from time to time, vehicles and our rentals on the website can change at short notice. The prices listed are not our formal quotation. These are provided via a formal quote as described above.
  • In addition to the specific order terms and conditions described above, your order is also subject to the wider terms and conditions of Logical Vehicle Management Limited. Details can be accessed on our website.
  • Cherished plates incur a £50 + VAT administration fee payable to Logical to process and liaise with the funder on your behalf. Please note this is only for Logical to process and the leasing company will charge an additional cost on top of this. Please ask for further details if required.
  • For businesses who can recover VAT, an Effective Lease Rental (ELR) is quoted. Under current legislation, blocked Vat is applied to 50% of the finance rental element of a car lease. This means that only the non-blocked element can be recovered.

Website Terms of Business:

Logical Vehicle Management Limited takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any pages, and such information does not form any basis of a contract with readers or users of it.

Logical Vehicle Management Limited reserves the right to make changes at any time, and without notice, to the content of the site and cannot be held responsible for damages, losses or inconvenience caused by any aspect of the performance or non-performance of the site or inaccuracies in the information provided. This site contains material submitted and created by third parties. logicalvm.co.uk excludes liability for any error or omission for such material.

Links to another website from logicalvm.co.uk does not mean that Logical Vehicle Management Limited endorses or accepts responsibility for the content, or the use of, such a website and we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on or through any other website linked to or from our own.

Vehicle illustrations are not intended to be an exact match to the vehicle described; they are posted as a general guide only. All users should satisfy themselves regarding the exact nature of the visual aspects of the vehicle and the specification of that vehicle.

Disclosure and Use of Personal Data

You have the right to know how we will use your personal information. It is important that you should read this notice.  You agree that we may keep data about you, this Agreement and the conduct of your account. Your data will be shared with our carefully selected third party business associates, so that they may contact you about the services they provide on our behalf to you under any future Agreement.

In considering your application, our partners, will on our behalf search your record at credit reference agencies (CRAs) who will give us credit information, and information from the electoral register. They will add details of this search and your application to your record, and this will be seen by other organisations that make searches. Information held about you by the CRAs may already be linked to records relating to one or more people that you are, or have been, associated with financially. Your application will be assessed with reference to any records of these ‘financial associations’.

They will use a credit scoring or other automated decision-making system when assessing your record. It is important that you give us accurate information. We will check your details with fraud prevention agencies (FPAs) and if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this.

Your data will also be used by us and the parties with whom it is shared: to check information provided; to help make decisions about credit and insurance (including motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and claims) for you and members of your household; for our on-going credit management and that of any other business sharing the data (such as collection of monies due or the goods or services financed under this Agreement; to trace debtors, recover debt, prevent money laundering and fraud, including fraudulent claims; and for statistical analysis about insurance and fraud.

Your data may be used for our own processing, group reporting, statistical scorecard development, market research and marketing purposes. We may use and disclose this data for recording and use worldwide to and by: other companies in our group or by carefully selected third party business associates to help make credit decisions and so that they may let you know about other products or services which we feel may be of interest to you; any motor vehicle dealer, manufacturer or importer for the purposes of possible business with you.

We will not sell your data to other companies. You may be contacted by post or telephone. You may advise us at any time, in writing, that you do not wish to receive information on products or services offered by us.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right, upon payment of a fee, to obtain a copy of your personal records held in our files. Upon request, we will advise you of details of all organisations mentioned above. You have a legal right to these details.

Please email us at info@logicalvm.co.uk with any questions you have regarding our website.