Advanced Mobility Solutions.

logical™driverhub uses mobile digital technology to track vehicle use in real time. Functionality is tailored to clients needs and can include such like; incidents, mileage, expense, grey-fleet and real time tracking.

Far more than just a tracking tool

Maximising user familiarity & intuitiveness, our Advanced Mobility Solutions are simple to use. Following the driver, not the vehicle, by way of smartphone technology apps, our system brings telematics capability within the reach of all businesses for the first time. But this is more than just a tracking device.

Tailored functionality is engineered in and the systems modular platform enables configuration to exact client needs. Push & in-app messaging functionality, enables direct communication from organisation to individual and individual to the organisation.

logical™driverhub features and benefits

The application is configurable to feed the management information area of logical™riskhub. For customers who do not take our fleet management services, Management Information can be exported and presented in a client portal.

  • Incident management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Mileage management
  • Grey fleet management
  • Expense management

On demand checklist & guidance so your drivers know what to do and when. Supported by one press direct dialling to support services, drivers do not have to remember numbers or refer to vehicle handbooks. The service includes location identification so that drivers unaware of their precise location can be identified. The system includes Accident and First Notification of Loss (FNOL) reporting to remove the time and stress of reporting events.

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Real-Time Tracking
Designed for reducing costs and vehicle downtime, all tracking capability is managed through locator systems activated in the smart device. Our system includes display of journey in progress and incident alerts and is accurate to within 3 metres.
Mileage Management
Our system ensures accurate business mileage capture and is HMRC compliant. Our system also records data to report on mobility and CO2 footprint. A system that is extremely useful in minimising driver risk and environmental impact and thereby meeting Corporate Social Responsibility demands.
Expenses Management
Expense claims sorted in minutes. The logical™driverhub system records all expenditure. Claimed expenditure can be set against budgets for monitoring purposes. The system includes image capture of receipts meaning, for the first time, businesses can move to a paperless system.