Services designed to mitigate risk.

logicalriskhub is a comprehensive risk management solution giving you peace of mind that you’re complying with legislation, supporting your duty of care obligations and keeping drivers safe.

Keeping safe when driving at work

Driving at work is the largest unmanaged risk in the UK with over 1,000 driving at work deaths and 250,000 serious injuries per year. You need peace of mind that you are complying with existing legislation, as well as keeping your drivers safe and mobile, and meeting your duty of care obligations. With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive support solution.

logical™riskhub features and benefits

This service can be configured to suit your business needs. From a basic provision such as policy creation, driver licence and checking insurance cover through to comprehensive risk-based assessment programmes.

  • Duty of care compliance
  • Driver risk assessments and licence checks
  • Driver training programmes
  • Accident management
  • Management information and risk reduction programmes
  • Vehicle checks and vehicle tracking

Powerful data collected 

The data we collate is powerful and compelling. We assess your corporate risk factors by using risk algorithms in our reporting suites, looking at the relationship between driver licence information, driver on-line risk assessment, accident history and other behaviours. Our systems provide an integrated risk assessment to your business – and we don’t stop there. To help protect you and your employees, we also have a range of services designed to mitigate risk and provide evidence of duty of care through a range of driver training programmes.

logicalriskhub services explained

For a comprehensive review of our logical™riskhub product and how it can benefit your business and drivers, please view our brochure.